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Super Single Vineyards at Sinn’s Restaurant

I think there’s nothing more exciting than discovering sometime brand new………even if it’s re-discovering a classic. This was the case when #CWWU partnered with a brand new wine estate together with an established Cape Town restaurant.
Kyle Zulch from Super Single Vineyards (SSV) and his wines have two things in common – both are Super and Single. SSV is a new wine entrant into the wine market & only started selling their wine February of this year – and summarily went on to win a spot on the Platter Top 100 wines of 2012. Not too shabby for a newbie. 
SSV is predominantly based in the Stellenbosch and Franschhoek regions. However, if you think the only thing to come out of Sutherland is the KAROO, telescopes and snow, you’ll be amazed to know that SSV is growing it’s very first in that very area. For some strange reason, the Sutherland area produces some of the best grapes at the highest altitude in the whole of South Africa.
As almost everyone agreed at the #CWWU evenings (and who dares argue with 120 ardent wine drinkers!) the Mount Sutherland Syrah was both phenomenal and complex
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2259 300x200
The selection for the evening. From he left Pella Chenin Vanilla 2009, Pella Cabernet Sauvignon 2008, Mount Sutherland Shyrah 2008 and Pella Shyrah 2007
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - 558030 277737225641496 831161731 n 300x199
Mount Sutherland vines all covered in snow!
Pairing SSV’s wine with an established restaurant, was made easy when we were put in touch with Thomas Sinn, the head chef at Sinns Restaurant in Wembley Square, Cape Town.
Wembley Squarehas become synonymous with Sinns Restaurant and fine dining. The restaurant has been open for the past 6 years which is testament to it’s longevity (Any restaurant not up to scratch in Cape Town usually closes their doors after 6 months…..)
Thomas Sinns experience as a top chef and world class reputation combined with Kyle’s wines were a perfect match.  Once the wine had been tasted, Thomas created the perfect 4 course tasting menu to not only showcase his culinary skills, but to enhance the refined attributes of the selected wines.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - CWWU Menu 141x300
Our menu for the evening….
Our first wine for the evening doubled up as the welcoming drink as well as the first course.
The Pella Chenin Vanilla 2009 could only be described as mouth watering and surprisingly light for a Chenin Blanc (and that’s massive kudos coming from a hardened red wine drinker!) Dollops of peaches and vanilla characters with a very well balanced acidity on the pallet, makes it a lovely any occasion foodie wine.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2597 200x300
Kyle from Super Single Vineyards.
Thomas’s choice of accompaniment for the Chenin blanc was Sinns’ signature Korma Curry dish. The aromatic aromas of the curry combined perfectly with the vanilla characters of the slightly wooded, but very well balanced wine.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2562 300x200
Sinn’s Signature Korma Curry.
The second course was the Pella Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. It is a bold, blackberry of colour and flavour kind of wine, with a very smooth and rich finish.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2609 300x200
Having a cheers on the Pella Cabernet Sauvignon.
As tradition dictates – red wine and red meat will always be a winning combination. However, our parings are not about being ordinary…… it’s about being extra-ordinary. This was achieved by pairing the Pella Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 together with a Prime Kiran Sirlion Steak roll, accompanied with  Kudu mash and caramelized onions.  A two thumbs up for a perfect pairing.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 3096 300x200
Prime Kiran Steak roll.
Duck is the one item that isn’t in our every-day shopping baskets. Thomas decided to spoil our guests with a double dose of duck.  First up, was a duck spring roll resting on a bed of dhal lentils and honey sauce. The second dish was a duck liver pate with green figs and cashew nuts. (Is your mouth watering yet?!)
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 3229 300x200
Sharing a giggle or two with some great wine!
The selected wine for our double dose of duck was the Pella Syrah 2007. This specific wine was characterised by a velvety pallet which combined beautifully with the duck pate. The saying goes, ‘If you are a half-a-bottle a day fan, make sure you have a friend in order for you to enjoy the entire bottle’ A beauty of a wine! 
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 3602 300x200
Duo of duck.
Although saving the best for last is a bit of a cliché, the Mount Sutherland Syrah was rated as one of this years Platters Top 100 wines. From the phenomenal first taste to almost selfishly wanting to savour the very last drop of the bottle, mere words cannot describe this incredibly delicious wine
Kyle’s description of the wine was as follows, “This Continental style Syrah has layers of aromas such as rose petals, cherries, cloves and freshly milled white pepper. The wine has got a tremendous succulence and richness on the palate and ends in a pleasantly long, ripe aftertaste.”
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2318 300x200
Sharing great wine and a good laugh!
The Syrah was paired with a Trio of Belgian chocolate. The trio was made of decadent chocolate tart, dark chocolate mousse and homemade chocolate ice cream – a great dish to round off the evening.
Super Single Vineyards at Sinn's Restaurant events, cape-town - JOM 2845 200x300
Trio of Belgian Chocolate.
From us at Come Wine With Us (#CWWU), we want to thank you for your support and hope to see you again at the next event! For more pictures of the evening view our Facebook page!
Lots of foodie and wine love
Sybil and Peet xxx

What we’ve got planned for the  next four months

September Thelema’snew up and coming second range “Sutherland” at Five Flies taking place on the 19th and 20th October. 
October Graham Beck wines to be hosted by international wine maker Erika Obermeyer. Restaurant t.b.c (2 evenings of 50 pax per evening, space limited!) Dates 11 and 12 October email info@sybildoms.comto book your seat ! Price t.b.c
November  Classy Cap Classique month with Graham Beck bubbly hosted by Bubbles Ferreira at Steenberg’s Catharina’s (2 evenings of 50 persons each, space is limited!) Dates 21 and 22 November. Please email to confirm your seat. Price R220
December – Bringing the year to a close with Boekenhouts Kloof, winery of the year! Hosted by Cru Restaurant in the new Cape Quarter. Please email to confirm your seat.   Dates 11, 12, 13 December. Price t.b.c

Recipe of the month with compliments of Sinn’s Restaurant




Chicken Korma



You will need:

2 Tpsn Garlic/ginger paste.
1 dried red chilli or fresh green chilli chopped and deseeded (add another one for a bit more 2tsp ground coriander
1 tsp ground cumin
2 tsp garam masala
1 pinch ground tumeric (very little)
1 tsp cardomom
2 cloves
1/4 tsp cinnamon

50g ghee
2 onions finely chopped
600 – 700g chicken breasts – cubed
125ml coconut cream
250ml cream
200 ml yoghurt
50g  ground almonds or cashews

Here’s how:


    • Heat butter in a deep, heavy based pan over a low heat


  • Fry the onions gently for 20 minutes or until soft and golden



  • Add the spice paste and fry for a minute



  • Add coconut cream, cream and yoghurt and bring to a gentle simmer



  • Add the cubed chicken breast and simmer gently for 10 minutes or until cooked through



  • Garnish with toasted almonds



  • Serve with steamed basmati rice and poppadums’



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