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Hands on Harvest

This last weekend myself and three friends aka “The Stats guy”, “The Lawyer babe” and the new kid on the block “The Designer guy”  decided to take a trip down to my home town Robertson to attend the Hands on Harvest. After stopping for a pastry at the Rooiberg cellar just to help us line our stomachs we were good to go and set for the tasting to begin!
First up was De Wetshof wine estate. We were in for a very special treat a private wine tour with wine maker Peter De Wet!  We started off with a taste of the most gorgeous and expensive grape juice I have tasted in a while better known as the Batteleur Chardonnay that has been pressed and cooled in silver tanks. Peter started explaining to us the whole process of where the grapes come into the cellar where it gets presses and how it gets presses until where it gets put into the barrels.

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Entrance of De Wetshof Wine Estate…
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Cellar Tour with Peter….
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De Wetshof really indeed has a state of the art cellar which produces state of the Art wines.After our cellar tour we went to have some wine under the lovely pepper trees. We decided to not go the Sauvignon Blanc route but instead the Riesling route…. and my where we impressed. Riesling is not very common to South Africa but slowly but surely becoming quite fashionable due to its aromatic aromas and low acid.
I find most Sauvignon Blanc’s these days quite acidic there for once in a while I like to drink Riesling rather. The other favourite bottle of the day was the Lime Stone Hill Chardonnay. Friday night I catered for a small group of clients whom I introduced the wine to and it was an absolute winner! Now most of you would think Chardonnay a very woody and heavy wine to drink but this bottle just proved quite the opposite. Beautiful lemon notes with a very fresh, long and balanced pallet. And to top it up both of these wines reaches the R50 price range which is a complete BARGAIN!

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Chilling under the trees…
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Back green bottle De Wetshof Riesling and Limstone Hill Chardonnay….
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1993 Finesse Chardonnay…. Special, real special!

Peter also surprised us with a VERY special bottle of wine which was an absolute treat. 1993 Finesse Chardonnay ….. This bottle was 19 years old and was oooozing still with gooseberry aromas and flavour! This is not very common amongst white wines at all but De Wetshof Chardonnays are a different story…..

Follow my blog to find out soon about the Classic Chardonnay tasting we will be doing in a week and read about how different one type of cultivar can vary in style….

All my foodie and wine love

Sybil xxx

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